Some Helpful Low-Carb Links!

So I found this site- viva Low carb- and some products they have here I cannot wait to try- and didn’t even know existed. I look forward to Low-carb bagels and yes, even Nabisco Sugar Free Oreos. 2 cookies for 6 net grams of carb. Not a mainstay to any diet, but definitely a nice treat!

Check out all the goods at  This company has a nice line-up, good website set up, and I like to support their efforts. Unfortunately, I saw no affiliate program- but I am promoting them here so that we can all benefit from more availability of low-carb products. I tried just yesterday to find what was advertised online at the Vancouver, WA area as “Low carb Habit” superstore. They went out of business. Ditto for others. It would be so nice to find a low-carb store locally, but until more people catch the wave, it looks like Atkin’s bars and shakes, and whatever I can make at home is about it- UNLESS I order online. So I will. I also believe that some of the low-carbers here will have more success if people like us know that there ARE low-carb alternatives to all our used-to-be- favorite goodies!

Recipes? Just for one example

Cook, eat,  share. I am a member here, and this is a GREAT website to not only find recipes, but to post your own. People can vote on each other’s recipes, and there are MANY low-carb pros out there willing to share their secrets. Sometimes the chicken and broccoli stir-fry gets old .If you’re like most of us, you’re thinking-  there has to be something else!  Luckily,  there is!


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