Today’s Low Carb Adventures.

It started out like any normal day doing low-carb, except that I had a glorious day off breakfast, not just a bar-and-run type of breakfast. I enjoyed a low-carb tortilla filled with egg and cheese, a large spoon of cottage cheese with fresh blueberries, and four sausage links. I think this came in at around twelve grams. I had coffee, of course. Another 3. Lunch was a Low Carb whopper with no cheese. This equated to a very small hunk of beef and a few shreds of lettuce topped with two pickle slices. LAME. But, sustenance. I had to adapt. I needed the cheese, they missed it. I asked. 

Anyway, a long time ensued between that ‘lunch’, and dinner, which turned out to be a bunless hotdog frank. I was not full, by any means. It was nearly torture watching my husband eat my bun AND his hot pretzel. I do like hot pretzels, or I used to once upon a lifetime ago. I cannot believe it has been only a bit over two months that I have been on low carb, but guess what? I have lost about 8 pounds and all my old jeans fit. I like buying clothes again. 

So, that was that. I came home and immediately made a nice salad, with a bit of meat and small amount of cheese. I had my 5 gram treat as well. Total carbs….18-20. I wasn’t even trying to get them that low. I can do 25. Good, maybe I will lose another pound or two. 



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