Low-Carb Pork Parmesan- HELL Yeah!!

Yes, I was inspired this evening. I am quite pleased with myself- sorry everyone, but if I share it, I won’t feel so guilty about boasting about my own creation. ( side note…why does the cat have to rest her entire upper body weight across my forearm when I try to type my blog?) 

Anyway- I had these thawed, thick, boneless pork steaks. I really miss chicken Parmesan, and I have almond slivers. Thus, a new recipe is born.

I cut my pork steaks across the thickness, getting them about 1/4 ” thick. I coated them in spices. I drenched them in pure beaten egg, adding just a splash of water to make it a bit thinner. I prepared a plate of slivered almonds, more Italian type spices, and shredded Parmesan cheese. I pressed the egg-drenched meat steaks into almond/cheese mixture and pressed to coat. I slid them into a pre-heated saute pan (frying pan if you’re from the south), which had been generously olive oiled. I gently seared them   on both sides until golden brown. I then took about 1/4 cup of water and dashed that into the pan, being careful to keep my face away from the pan (!) and then quick as a rabbit, plopped the lid down on top. (Use the lid that actually fits, this helps a lot) and steamed the inside of that pork steak til done. No pink in the pork, no-no! By the way, because I can multi-task like you wouldn’t believe, I microwaved some pizza sauce I had leftover in the fridge. (always be sure not to leave that opened, jarred sauce longer than a week without using, or you could just kill yourself with some sort of toxic mold poisoning. Call it “urban legend” if you will, but it is not safe to use the sauce if there is anything round and greenish-white hanging out on top of the sauce. I digress.)

Now, everything fresh and wonderful is what’s going into this dish. OK. There were 5 grams of carbohydrate per 1/4 cup of sauce. I didn’t measure, but I had a very low-carb day, and I am sure I used between 1/4 cup and less than a 1/2. 🙂

When the sauce was hot, and after I cleaned the amazing amount of tomato splatter out of the microwave without letting the pork cook too long while cleaning, I spooned some sauce on. I then added mozzarella cheese and let it melt on top, while I laid on the sauteed zucchini (butter and olive oil, yes!). THAT was a great meal, a feast- and it probably came in at around 12 g carbs. Not bad, if you had plenty of your 25 left, as I did. I accompanied this delicious meal with a glass of Riesling, which undoubtedly added about 4 grams more. It is sweeter than a regular white wine. 

The almonds don’t add a ‘cherry almond’ flavor, as I had feared. They gave this dish a perfect crunch. I did not miss bread crumbs. 



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