Places We Can’t Go

It’s almost nine a.m., and I feel things shift, like the world has somehow tilted. People all over this part of the world have just realized that everything starts in ten minutes. Time to open the bank, the hair salon, the office. Many other workers started hours ago, but there’s still  that  nine o’clock rush.

Me? I don’t hold to that formula much. I am in my p.j.’s, waiting on my french press to squeeze the last few drops of caffeine and flavor from my coffee grounds. I do need to get up soon and take my daughter to her dad’s home an hour away. Then there’s the bake sale to start baking for. I am going to make something outrageous, and something which actually does not promote diabetes and obesity. I find it a tad ironic that we do a bake sale for the Relay for Life. True- there’s been no link found between baked goods and cancer, but in the name of good health in general, it seems odd. I guess we won’t make a lot of money if we have a bottled water sale, though. Zucchini fund raiser – fail! Anyway…

The sun is out. I can hear the cows next door moo now and then. It’s very quiet in the house, with the exception of my loud typing. I have on acrylic nails, so there’s a lot of  clicking going on. I decided to keep my personal family matters out of my blog world, because it might offend someone . There is so much I could talk about in that vein, but I know that my words could be potentially hurtful if people mentioned find my disclosures too…disclosing. Some things should be discussed personally. Tempting as it is to use this blog as my ‘diary screaming out loud’, this is not the best use of it.

We live in the country, really. We are up about a mile and a half from the highway. It’s just a two-lane, though highly traveled, running east/west along the mighty Columbia. We are between Portland and the coast. Our view of the river below and the hills and mountains around us is gorgeous. We can see Mt. St. Helens on a clear day, Adams, and Hood. We sit on ten acres, with only a handful of neighbors, most of whom we know on a first-name basis, some of whom we know better than that, attending each other’s bbq’s and birthday celebrations, and have for years. I am a newcomer here. I met my husband in 2008, and he had already been on this hill for twelve years, at least. This is the home that he and his ex wife helped build together. This is the home where their children were conceived and raised for some time.

It’s strange how our lives were separately paralleling each other’s through the years. It’s strange how we almost met, in 1989, but didn’t. We could have. If I had gone to the park on Halloween…If I hadn’t been committed otherwise at the time. But, we found each other nearly twenty years later. No one can say that things should have been any different. We both have two children from previous marriage that are wonderful, amazing, and so very loved. Everything is as it should be. But it’s funny to think about sometimes.

They say life happens while you’re busy making plans, and that’s very true. It is also true that if you don’t aim for your goals and set your purpose on them daily, chances are you won’t get anywhere you wanted to go. I’ve managed to avoid the ‘de-railers’ life can throw a person’s way, and so I have no excuse for not being a famous millionaire by now. 🙂

Being a famous millionaire is not my life’s ambition, however. Fortunate, that. I actually have everything a person could hope for or want out of life. I have people who love me, and people who I love . I have my health. I have peace, purpose, and people!

Actually, I really do want to have a drum set, but I digress.

There are no places we can’t go, if we are determined enough. We just can’t always bring the people we love the most with us on some of the most amazing  journeys. We might find, however- that the choice to stay and love is the better option.



2 thoughts on “Places We Can’t Go

  1. Beautiful post. I often feel I have compromised myself too much. I used to love going to church as a family, but hubby never wanted to go, and eventually I quit going… I hate that! Last spring I read “THE SHACK”. Everyone told me I would love it, but I thought for sure it was just some over hyped book that wouldn’t live up to the word of mouth. Boy was I wrong! Not only did it exceed my expectations, it helped me make peace with a few of my struggles within my faith. Since reading it, I feel more centered in God’s love for me and more accepting of our not-so-perfect world. If you haven’t read it, it’s worth it! Loved your post today….

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