All the News That’s Fit to Blog

It’s actually been more like two weeks since I have written a blog. Call it distraction. Call it disillusionment. Call it busy!  One distraction is that annoying necessity called ‘work’. Returns at the customer service desk,  pretending I don’t fathom the very pricey batteries the junkie is  returning  were just pulled off the shelf  by him moments ago. Can I prove it? No. So we do the return. Pretending it doesn’t bother me that my co-worker has his service window shut- seemingly oblivious- while spending fifteen minutes on very important forms-update-acquisition while the customer line starts to snake out toward the quarter-mile mark, and people’s eyes are bugging out with rage and disbelief.

Another distraction has been the bridal fair and doing my first voiceover demos at They were not so great, due to using my computer, a mic and the program,  “Audacity”. I need real studio tools and time, and luckily, I was able to arrange that at the bridal show, through a radio DJ who also does wedding gigs. I got a couple of good wedding leads there also, and the $150 I spent will be very rewarding on down the line. I haven’t had time to actually sort through all my contacts and follow up on leads, because of distraction # 1, but that’s the one paying the bills at the moment.

Disillusionment:  I guess I never should have watched Amy whats-her-name cook her way into fame and stardom on Julie/Julia and got these fancy, high-fallutin’ ideas that if I blogged it, “THEY WOULD COME”, because really- it’s not like that. I don’t have the special mix of talent and pluck, I suppose. Blogging is no longer new and I have no cutting edge ideas. I will work on that.

Busy:  Home life is always busy, but it’s my favorite form of busy. There’s always some Breaking  Bad to watch via Netflix, usually two episodes- and spending time with the family, which is always priceless. Then there’s sleep. It’s not very productive in the kinetic sense, but wow- so many wacky dreams to make great great short- stories out of!

Night before last, I dreamed that I almost hit a crosswalk full of nurses at the hospital because I was busy texting! They chewed me a new one, and rightfully so. I have vowed to stop texting and driving, again. No, seriously.

Last night, I dreamt of my ex. That’s always fun. In one dream, he was trying to drown me- I digress, that was long ago. This time, he was showing me his house, I guess. Everywhere were wrinkly clothes strewn everywhere and you had to toss them aside just to move through the rooms. I guess a tornado hit.

Low Carb Weekly Review: Keeping it at 132-133 lbs. Still aiming for 25g per day, and that seems quite do-able, just can’t get complacent. I have discovered that almond flour is very expensive and I need to find a better price! It’s like $9-11 dollars per the pound by Bob’s Red Mill. I have to find it cheaper, because I am longing to try some of the low-carb muffins and treats I have been finding online. Let’s also hear it  for Liquid Splenda. Where, oh where can it be?? Can’t find it. I do get tired of Atkin’s bars. Still,  I eat them at work quite a bit.  Again, salad for breakfast doesn’t make me happy. That’s what I had yesterday, though. At 9:45 a.m.

Tomorrow is the bake sale for Relay for Life. I volunteered to bring some goodies. I am going to make Oreos enrobed in chocolate- chip cookie dough, baked to perfection. I would also like to bring something low-carb, to introduce the possibilities to the crew- and help out any diabetics. I found a pumpkin loaf that calls for almond flour, and it looks great.

The sun is out today, and was yesterday. It’s a rare and wonderful thing here in Northern Oregon. I woke up at a leisurely 8:45 a.m. and it’s promising to be a great day, hopefully even after my work shift starts! 😉


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