So, What’s for Breakfast? Low-carb, Delicious, Different!

I’m off of work today, and my sweetie is not.  He works 12 hour days, and so I am here alone. I like the house when it’s quiet, but it also gets lonely. The best part, if there is a best part, is that I get to have the kitchen to myself, and can get creative with meals. Since I am low-carbing it all, I get to sit here until I feel ready for breakfast, then go figure it out. What am I in the mood for? Here it is, after ten, and I have only had coffee. I don’t feel ravishingly hungry, but I know I need to eat. The idea of a salad in the morning is repulsive. Besides, I had a huge salad last night, with a hamburger patty on top. I made it Mexican style with the Mexi-cheese, sour cream, and salsa. There was at least 2 full cups of greens on that thing, and I needed them. I hadn’t had much vegetable matter the rest of the day.

Breakfast. There are always eggs. There are also five different types and varieties of sausage in there , ranging from Jimmy Dean breakfast patties to organic chicken/turkey links in 3 different styles. I get annoyed with those though- because they managed to push 4 grams of carb into each link of  those, and I am not sure how. Four grams is not a lot, granted, but I would prefer 2 or less.

I now have those low-carb tortillas, though, and my favorite thing these days is now the egg and cheese breakfast burrito, with bacon on the side. In fact, that sounds really good. I am out of frozen blueberries, though, and this saddens me . I should have bought those last night- I do work in a grocery store after all. Also, there’s a brand on a really good sale right now.

Is this a blog, or is this just me thinking in type form? How boring am I being, on a scale of 1-10 right now? I am thinking a good 8.9. If it was the Richter Scale, we’d all be shaken to destruction.

Last night I had more really weird dreams. My daughter and I were touring ‘swim shows’. These are swimming parks, (only in dreams can it be like this) where you get to suit up and swim through all manner of entertaining swimming places. Only problem was we kept ending up in swampy, dirty, snag-log infested water, wondering if we were getting ripped off or what? It was amusing. I am glad I woke up before any more of that nonsense ensued. It was fun being with Kay-tee in the dream though.

I read a really amusing blog about carpets in bathrooms. I agree that there should not BE carpet in bathrooms. At least in ours, the carpet is only in the outer area, not the toilet area. Still, it is also where the tub, shower stall, sinks and vanities are and there are challenges to keeping it clean and dry. When the blogger, who is very funny, really got into the need for plungers and giant poops, though- I had to stop reading . My stomach is tender in the morning.

OK, I guess I am going to get up and get cooking. Soon. Really. I promise. Ok, I am bored with eggs. I crave something different. So, I hopped into the shower, and mulled breakfast over. I came up with low-carb tortilla french toast, with lots of cinnamon and butter/Splenda syrup. Total carbs, about 8. That’s ok. I can do that. I sprinkled the top with slivered almonds, more cinnamon, and here you have it. These tortillas do not soak up the egg mixture well, so there was plenty of vanilla cinnamon egg left over, that got tossed after cooking. The taste test: MMmmn!! This is SO Yummy! I practically wolfed it! Only thing I would have changed would have been to slice a few strawberries over the top, and added a dollop of whipped cream. This would have added up to more like 12 carbs for a serviing (2 tortillas) but I will keep that in mind for the next phase of Atkin’s. Quite nice! The protein count here is not as high as the fiber, which is considerable- 14 grams. Keep that in mind if you like your fiber. If I still feel hungry a bit later, I will just have bacon a’ la cart.

So, I learned a new way to make breakfast today, and it turned out well. The tortillas softened perfectly, and I got to feel like I was having a real treat! I am still a bit hungry, though- so bacon is probably going to be had soon! Try this! Tell me how it goes! Make it better- add whipped cream, or leave off the almonds- perhaps add strawberries and whipped cream.




4 thoughts on “So, What’s for Breakfast? Low-carb, Delicious, Different!

  1. It never occurred to me that instructions would be wanted, but just in case. It’s really easy. I made an egg wash with 2 eggs, a splash of water, and a smidge of 1/2 and 1/2. I added half a dash of cinnamon and vanilla to that. ( think a dash=1 teaspoon, no need for huge accuracy)

    I then soaked my 2 La Tortilla Factory low carb tortillas in the mix, poking them gently with fork tines to allow maximum soak-up.

    I turned my Pam coated fry pan on to 3, not too hot.
    I slowly cooked my french toast to-be until browned on each side. I used all the egg, but ended up tossing the bland leftover cooked eggs once cooked. You could eat them, of course.

    I made a splenda/butter syrup in the microwave, only 20 seconds, just to melt the butter, really. I had added more vanilla to that, as well.

    I poured on some of the syrup, and added slivered almonds that were here from my mother in law’s Christmas cookie projects.

    YUM, is all I can tell you. !

  2. I hope you enjoy it! I found I was still hungry after this, though. Not enough protein. So, I ended up having bacon and one egg later. Still, if you’re not too hungry, this does the trick. It was after 11 when I ate, and I was ready for more protein, since lunchtime for my stomach is very soon. So, today I will have a late lunch!

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