Ghost Here

There’s a ghost here

I’m quite sure I smelled your perfume

We had a toast here

in this sealed up tomb of a room

There’s a ghost here

if you were here, you’d never believe

but there’s that sound again I almost perceive

like a whisper from the corner of my ear

and a shadow hits my eye then disappears

oh, God, how I feel all your fears

I’m spinning into your world now

and I can’t see how

you made it so far

There’s a ghost here

just down the empty hall

and it feels



fill it all


4 thoughts on “Ghost Here

  1. Funny but true little fact about the above-poem, and it’s almost embarrassing. It was inspired by my husband’s installation of an automatic air freshener in the alcove of the hallway, and I had no idea he’d done it. That became my muse. ( the strange sounds, the perfume!) And I just ran with it. Often, dreams are the start of some story ideas. What inspires your poems and stories?

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