Atkin’s at Nearly 2 months In. HAPPY Monday!

I am really glad I have switched over to OWL, the second phase of Atkin’s, because now I can enjoy blueberries, in moderation, low-carb tortillas, and even the occasional plain Greek yogurt. By the way, adding a bit of  DaVinci’s sugar-free ( 0 carb) syrup to the yogurt makes it SO yummy! I am still feeling like I am losing weight, and I actually am at about 134 now. My starting weight was 140-142. So, yes ,there has been progress! As I add in exercise, and my work schedule has actually been keeping me away from eating, I feel like the old ribs are starting to poke out more. It’s not a bad feeling to see some of that back flab disappear and have my pants fit better!

So, the main theme of this week is enjoyment. I am enjoying how I look and feel, and I am enjoying more variety in my meals. Yes, I am still kind of bored with salad, but all those greens are very good for me! They’re good for everyone, really! I am continuing to drink a lot of water, although I still do enjoy my coffee!

The sun is actually out today, and that makes me quite happy. I hope everyone will have a fabulous week.


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