I Liked it When only Cons and the Military had Tattoos!

Friggin’ Tattoos Anyway

Women and tattoos.
Hate it. It’s nice that they have colors to them, now. You can have ‘pretty’ little rainbow-colored teddy bears, butterflies, flowers, and dragons in a multiplicity of designs and sizes. Whatever. Personally,  it’s too much of a commitment. It would be like having to wear the same necklace every day. Nice at first, but increasingly boring, unable to be matched with every outfit, and wearing out, turning your neck green…well, you get the point. And everyone seems to think they have to get a ‘tat’, to memorialize their children’s names and birth dates. Maybe I need  to display an  Asian symbol of happiness, or Native American fertility goddess thing. Yawn.
A proper use of tattoos would be the following, non-exhaustive list, and much more beneficial for all:
If caught in adultery, a tramp stamp of  “CHEATER!” should be applied-  ditto for anyone with STDs : “BEWARE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE!!”
“Registered Sex Offender, 1998, 2000, & 2 counts in 2004”
“Warning: I am really crazy and will ruin your life!”
How about, “Only pretending to be your friend!” ?
Sadly, there’s no truth in advertising.. I prefer my skin all…skin-colored. If I ever had the whim to be design stamped, it would either need to be very temporary, or a masterpiece to rival the Mona Lisa. And it seems that everyone does it just to be like everyone else. How original is that?  But maybe I am just old-fashioned and foolish. Anyone out here that is OK with NOT having a tattoo? Oh, and – I wonder what that guys head will look like when the hair comes back in – just a little?

3 thoughts on “I Liked it When only Cons and the Military had Tattoos!

  1. I grew up thinking tattoos on girls were HORRENDOUS! Then I got addicted to reality TV. Enter Kat Von D… I thought she was WAY over the top, but I started to think “hey, tattoos aren’t that bad!” Then I started to think “I will shock every person who has ever crossed my path and get a tattoo.” Here it is, 3 years later, I still cannot commit to a design or even a place on my body to put it… Guess it’s just not me after all! Like you, I like to switch up my accessories! 🙂

  2. And you know, I even toyed with the idea, just like nose rings, but by the time I figured it out, ‘everybody’ was already doing it. At age 43, I wonder if any of that just screams, “Mid-life crisis!”. And, really- if I did do it, it would have to be something that was a guaranteed life-long statement that I would never recant- such as devotion to God. I did consider a peace dove with the olive branch on one of my shoulders. It would have to be pretty, and tasteful. But I don’t want it enough to actually go and get it. Now, what I think would really be amazing is if they could come up with an ink tattoo that could only be seen under black light. THAT would be OK. 🙂 Thanks for your reply! I am not alone!

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