Breakfast Burrito and Blueberry Breakfast! Brilliant! OWL 10 g breakfast with Coffee

Breakfast burrito, with a bit of pepperoni, eggs, cheese, and l/c tortilla, YUM!Breakfast burrito and blueberries. Delicious!

Today’s breakfast, including two large coffees, comes in at 10 grams, tops. Three grams of the carb comes from this delicious La Tortilla Factory low-carb wrap, with 7 grams of fiber. I have been looking forward to OWL for some time, and these tortillas are the main reason. They are a great, high fiber way to wrap up a lovely little breakfast burrito. That’s what we have here in the photograph, and you can see all the ingredients used. I also had 1/4 cup of blueberries, still mostly frozen, for 4.4 g. The coffee half & half and Splenda counts for the rest of the carb count. I get 25 grams per day now, so I have plenty of time and carb room left for a cup of brocolli or green beans with some sort of meat for lunch, and a chicken or salmon dinner with salad. Just another idea from the vault. This one’s easy, filling, and satisfying. It also provides a lot of fiber, blueberry antioxidants and vitamin C, protein, calcium, decent fat count, and whole grain goodness. According to something I read recently, from a reputable source, the time to eat the majority of the carbs you are going to eat should be in the morning, or earlier part of the day.

Good to know, right?


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