134 lbs Today, the lowest since I’ve started Atkin’s- Ask me HOW!

I wanted to follow-up on the exercise/ Just Dance comment  in my post from last night- “The Joy of Blueberries”.  I DID actually do a fairly intense workout last night! I don’t really know how long I kept going, but past the point of “Congrats, you’ve walked across Central Park”, and also past “You’ve done the equivalent of 10 laps around Wimbley Field”, or words to that effect. I did the “Just Sweat” option, and did about , what- 5-6 songs?- under “extreme”. I wore myself out, but then did some serious stretching and all the push ups I could do- 7. (Haven’t done any for a long time). I felt really great. Today, I woke up feeling quite energetic and rested, and when I stepped on the scale, another pound down!! YES!! The lowest I’ve seen the scale since I started Atkin’s. So if anyone is wondering if exercise is going to get them out of a stall or turbo-charge their lives, I’d say MOST ASSUREDLY!!!

For me, music is definitely the motivator to move. For some, competition is the key . For still others, a social environment (think- a walking or exercise ‘buddy’) is pivotal to staying motivated. Whatever it is that you LIKE to FEEL- incorporate that into your routine!
Peaceful and serene your thing? Yoga, ballet, or nature walks. Competition? Volleyball or other team sports. Connected to the elements? Swimming, hiking, walking, biking. Overcoming challenges? Obstacle courses at the park, and track your progress. Self-disciplined? Karate, kick-boxing, wall-climbing. And, according to Low-Carb-Confidential’s research, (my inspiration here at WordPress)  just a couple of these intense sessions a week is enough!
You get the idea.
The other kicker? When you enjoy it, it’s not so hard to get motivated to do it and to keep it up! Finally, while working out alone is not enough to cause me to lose weight- it definitely seems to help when my diet is already in good shape. I’ve been faithful to the plan, no cheating in eight weeks, but still, I wasn’t losing much, and not very quickly. I have shared my struggles with you all from the beginning. And yes, I have an on-your-feet job that makes me feel worn out when I come home. However- once I start the music and get on the right, comfy clothes, I am ready to go! (Especially during weeks of low hours at work, and my days off!)

And finally, the bigger payoff that people don’t talk about much when it comes to exercise is the body sculpting, strengthening aspect. As we age, especially, we are losing muscle mass and tone all the time. We can fight that with exercise, though. We are also improving our circulation, heart health and strength, oxygenation of red blood cells, boosting our resting calorie burn rate, feeling great about ourselves, increasing energy and stamina, flexibility, and sculpting our bodies into a more pleasing shape! Skinny with no muscle tone doesn’t look so hot, if you think about out. FIT, however, not only feels good, but looks good. Who’s with me?

Have a great day, everyone!


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