Atkin’s OWL Commencing, and Seducing brides-to-be!

So, here I am. My weight has settled nicely down to 135 on most days. I have decided to only weigh once per week ,because I have been driving myself crazy weighing in every day.  I know that exercise is still something I am struggling with. We all know that it takes about 3 weeks to establish or break any habit. I need to jump in and just get a regular habit of exercise established.

Meanwhile, the only real diet change I have made is a singular addition of one decadent  Rocher for dessert, because that was my Valentine’s present. ( 5 grams carb. each)  What I have learned is that, lo and behold, I really can have just one and be satisfied. That has only come as a result, however, of kicking sugar to the curb in all other aspects of my diet.

I ate a big steak tonight, with a couple of amazing, huge portabello mushrooms on top, and a dollop of sour cream. Yes, on my steak. Because I like it that way. Anyhow, I had a fabulous salad to go with, and water with lime juice and a bit of splenda. I have not had the Rocher candy, and I may not. I am satisfied. The evening is young, however.

Today was a light carb day, anyway. I don’t think I got up to my 20 grams, even, because I just didn’t want a salad at 10:30 this morning, when I had to take lunch at work. 10:30 is not lunch time for me, it’s breakfast. So, even though I had a whey protein and almond milk breakfast at 5:30 a.m.,  my lunch was eggs and sausage from the deli at work. It was delicious. So, I made sure to have plenty of salad tonight, and extra water. I had two Atkin’s bars, as well. That was it.

So, tonight, I took a cruise around freshly pressed blogs, and decided to go see what the ‘writing’ group was up to. I found some overly-dramatic poetry and writings about writings, and I yawned, or eye-rolled. Maybe both. Sorry. I am sure I don’t have a splinter of the talent that they do. Any of them. I digress.

I am a wedding officiant, and I am planning to participate in my first bridal event. I am excited. I will have a table , a lot of literature, a sign-up- for- more- info- so-I-can-call-you sheet and clipboard, and finally- a nice selection of neatly wrapped treats from some bakery I have yet to choose.  Here I am , pretty much on Carb-Anon, seducing young brides with sweets that I won’t be eating a single bite of. Is this some kind of evil?

The same situation presents itself in the form of the Relay for Life bake sale we are having at work . I’m on the team, so I have volunteered to do some baking. That is baking, and not eating. Perhaps you think I am planning to bring some little almond flour/splenda creations to the event? Ha! Not even close! I am bringing the full-on double chocolate fudge brownies with caramel swirls on top, and probably some chocolate chip cookies, to boot. Is THIS  some kind of diabolical torture to myself as well as the epitome of hypocrisy? Yes, it is! But, I play to the masses. I have become a sugar sell-out to appease the crowd. It is not my job to recruit nor to proselytize to the Atkin’s Way.  And yet, Relay for Life is about cancer prevention/cure, and a healthy lifestyle includes eating right, and ….ok, I am kidding myself. I do feel guilty about this, but I am trying to raise money for the cause. I am facing a dilemma, but I am pretty sure people are not going to buy the almond flour/splenda creation. If anyone has a really GOOD dessert that people will buy, that happens to be low-carb, please let me copy down that recipe.  I know, I can go look it up online!

Take care, everyone.


3 thoughts on “Atkin’s OWL Commencing, and Seducing brides-to-be!

  1. It is TOO funny that you are baking for a fund raiser. I made triple-chocolate cupcakes for a fundraiser at work. It is SUCH a good feeling to know sugar no longer has control over you. When you are the boss of what you eat, it is truly empowering. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey! Thank you very much! You have made me smile!! I don’t feel quite as evil now. My first-ever DAY of Atkin’s, back in 2000, coincided with my Girl Scout daughter’s cookie kick-off SALE-a-bration. I was locked overnight in a gym full of cookies (and girls getting up to go to the bathroom every 16 seconds). It was a struggle. I never ate a bite. I can have a lot of self-control when I want to, and getting the sugar out of the blood makes it SO much easier than when you are consistently eating it!

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