I thought Chinese Food would be Innocent, but…I KNEW the Rocher was not.

So we were all starved. I ordered the Kung Pao Beef. I asked if there was any sugar in it. “No”, came the emphatic reply. In addition to being spicy, though, this dish tasted somewhat sweet. I realized that the sauce was probably laden with corn syrup/starch. I was hungry, though. I didn’t eat any rice, and I picked at my food guiltily. I am still anguished over it.  So, for dessert, I dared to eat ONE chocolate for five sugary grams of delicious carbohydrate. I guess I had to gild the lily. It was the first intentional bite of sugar I have eaten in six weeks. I am convinced I will be six pounds heavier tomorrow morning.

And, speaking of tomorrow, I am right back at the strict, self imposed torture of eating right in the morning, and mainly forever. But my weight is still fluctuating. I lose two after exercise, I gain three a couple of days later for no known reason. This is more torture than the low-carb itself. The lack of lasting results. I guess I can only keep Dance Party 3-ing and staying in induction …forever.

The worst part of all is seeing my normal weight companions enjoying themselves and eating what they want, and thinking I am basically wasting my time. They all subscribe to the eat- what- you- want- within moderation, and- exercise- it off- club. I decided to ditch carbs and ditch a quick ten pounds. It’s not actually working for me. I still believe in it, but I don’t understand why am I not just dropping all kinds of weight.

I am a bit discouraged. I have never been so great at exercising regularly. I guess that’s just what I have to do, though. Where are all the encouraging Atkin’s responses when I need them?



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