A Month of Atkin’s Induction. Sweat like a Caveman!

My frustration zone: I have been basically on Induction for over a month now. I have only cheated by accident, and try to stay within my measely 20 gram limit daily. I still have never crossed the five lb weight loss limit, and it doesn’t stay there. I keep bouncing back up a couple of pounds, then down 2, up 2. It’s static, because I know those 1-3 lbs are merely normal body fluctuations. But it fluxes up more than down.

So, my very fit daughter who runs and lifts weights and who used to be overweight tells me that cutting out the junk food is great, but that I am too restricted in my eating choices, and that the real reason nothing is happening much is that I am not exercising.

I didn’t think I needed to excercise. Isn’t that what Atkin’s says? Besides,  my job has me on my feet for eight hours a day and that’s  tiring. However, that on- the- feet job, while burning more calories than sitting still, does not equate to a cardio workout. However, when I was working out fairly regularly, and not in induction, I wasn’t losing weight. Maybe if I force myself to combine the two…it might do the trick. Since I am only 15 lbs from my ideal weight, you think this would be easy. But in reality, I think that is why it IS so hard. It’s not like “Biggest Loser” where I can lose 100 lbs in 16 weeks and have a big party with my amazed friends. It’s more like- “You lost five pounds? Oh. Great. I didn’t notice, really”. And there are much worse things to complain about. I just feel like, to some extent, my sacrifices have not paid off like I would wish. Ok, the upside. I am eating more vegetables, and I am in small ketosis almost daily. I no longer base my days on one sugar rush to the next. I have kicked sugar to the curb. I drink more water (but always feel dehydrated in the morning now), and I have proved that I can endure induction for probably way longer than anyone should. I might start adding blueberries in now. I love and miss them. I do miss fruit, I will say that.

I can only conclude that my body has adapted and laughed at my efforts.  The biochemical engineers in the gland central center of my brain sit up there with clipboards. “Oh, hey- look. She’s really serious now. I think I counted only nineteen grams of net carbohydrate coming in today. Hmmmn, nope- at her age, we don’t want too much more weight coming off.  I mean, we are not releasing her remaining fat stores as long as we don’t have to. She’s bringing in enough fat from eating, we don’t really have to at this point. Besides, it’s not like she is working it off. We’ll hold onto it until we really need it.”

If I look at this from the point of view of  ‘hunter, gatherer”, or “Paleo”, lifestyles,  my ancient ancestors, despite TYPE of food eaten, would most certainly be challenged in ways that I am  not. First of all, I have it good. If I feel like gnoshing on a pickle and turkey right now, I can.  Ancient man? He has to get up early and scare the saber-tooth coyotes off the camp site before gathering together his foul-breathed brothers and clansmen over a cup of  hot herbal tea to plan a turkey kill. Someone in the group has a broken sling, so they all get very hungry waiting for Thagmuth to get his sling working. Then, an hour later, they head out. They finally bag a few turkeys, ( and those birds probably had saber-point beaks and talons)  which are doled out to the entire family, and …you get the idea.

There are seasons of plenty, seasons of  lean. Despite sophisticated means of preserving food , early man had to work a lot harder to survive.  Yes, the kind of work that requires sweat. Early man was not soft.  Early woman did not carry much fat on her rump. Muscles were strong, and only the strong survived. The body never knew what to expect in any given day. If the clan was relocating, they may spend days or weeks in constant travel. Yes, I mean walking all day for time unknown. The day might bring great challenge in the form of a hunt, or all the work required to make the best use of a kill once it was down. Perhaps they fought off wild beasts on a regular basis, as well. That’s some real-life muscle confusion.

Me? I walk some. I stand a lot. I sit more, writing a blog, moaning about not losing weight. Talk about modern, first world problems. I am feeling pathetic suddenly.  How can we think that we can eat like cavemen and have the same results if we don’t really MOVE?



4 thoughts on “A Month of Atkin’s Induction. Sweat like a Caveman!

  1. On an interesting note. ONE session of Just Dance 3, while keeping to all other aspects of Atkin’s, and I was already down two pounds by the next day. I think I finally got it. Now to just do it! Nobody seems to have found this post the least bit interesting. I guess people are tired of hearing about my struggles.

  2. I can agree with the exercise struggle. That is definitely one thing that nobody in my family is doing. It’s too cold to go for a walk outside and we really have no motivation to do WiiFit or aerobics. However we need to find some motivation because I fear our weight loss is going to come to a halt if we do not incorporate some exercise.

    • Yeah, I think I am coming to that conclusion, too. I am So tired of stressing over possibly eating one bite of flour, one SMIDGEN of sugar. I ate ONE Valentine candy and some accidental corn syrup and it’s bummed out my night, all while at the same time the ONE sugar free mint I ate is tearing through my lower GI like a one-way freight train looking for the end of the tunnel. Ok, that was gross.

      • That sugar free candy is the killer. Three years ago during my college classes I would start to get this pain in my stomach and on my hour drive home I couldn’t even breathe, some nights I thought I was going to have to go to the ER. I thought I was dying, but after process of elimination, found out it was the sugar free candy. Which really sucks considering you can’t have the regular candy! I wouldn’t stress too much about the Valentine candy just have it today and don’t have anything like that for the rest of the week and see how that goes.

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