Holding steady at 135…and Fighting the Baked Goods Craving

Back, Fiend!

Well, everyone- after holding strong for a good, solid month and having lost a grand total of five pounds, it sometimes gets discouraging. I would like to see more off by now, and I have kept to 20 grams of carbs. I think I have become so bored with salads, but then when I have one, I devour it with great zeal. I want to move to OWL, but I am not sure how I should use that extra 5 grams of carbohydrate. Really? What can I have for 5 that’s even worth the chance of slowing what little progress I have already made?

Tonight I had an amazing omelet which included avocado inside it. I had not tried that before, and it turned out amazingly light and fluffy. To carry on the Mexican flair I topped it with salsa and cheese. It was simply delicious with bacon, as well.

Afterward, I took the advice of another low-carb blogger and made a heavy whipped cream/cocoa/DaVinci vanilla syrup mousse, of sorts. Then I froze it, and turned it into a very nice milkshake. I think the carb count on it had to be around zero-2. I have been hungry today, and I haven’t really been since this started. I wonder if that is a good sign that my body is actually at a good balance where I can effectively lose weight. My ketone level was at moderate this evening, which is more than usual! I have tomorrow off, and I am going to do the  Just Dance 3 game, and maybe some walking at the park.

Every commercial on TV tonight seems to mock me. There’s Dominoes Parmesan bread bites ads, and the bakery goodies being prepared by a cupcake shop  owner who is happy she chose some business credit card, blah, blah, and all I can focus on is this delicious looking cornucopia of flour, sugar, and chocolate. But, I can easily refocus as soon as the visual cue is gone. I guess my next goal is to get to 130 lbs, then switch to OWL.

That’s all in my low-carb world for today. I hope everyone is losing weight, and feeling great!


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