Hello Breakfast My Old Friend. Weight LOSS UPdate!

Yes, it’s true, for all of you just dying to know….will Lee lose weight? Well, I finally did! I started this Induction journey on approximately January 10, and through various failures, I finally became victorious. Induction is now working, and I am at my lowest weight this morning, the lowest weight I have had in about a year and a-half. Here it is, drumroll, please. At my Wedding Day weight of….

135 lbs !  

This means I am down a total of 6 pounds from my starting point. I think this all would have gone faster had I not overeaten the protein under some misguided notion that you can eat all you want on Atkin’s. I forgot the part about being actually hungry. With protein, you can eat less and still feel quite full. So as I have learned to manage portions, (four slices of bacon works, why eat 6??) and realize that two eggs are filling, I don’t need three, etc., I believe the wieght will continue to come off. How long to stay in induction? I think I will give induction another week. If I can make it down to 130, I will then go to phase 2. Ultimately I would like to be at 125 again. That’s quite fine. 120 would be some kind of crazy dream, but I can go for it.

The other gratifying feeling I have today is realizing this is my 30th post in just under one month, and I have finally found other bloggers to read something other than my low-carb blogs! Mark Kaplowitz is a very funny and professional writer out of New York that does a great series, “Remember When…?” and he liked my “Stupid Things” blog, which is very fulfilling, because my life is not only about what I eat every day, and planning a low-carb meal. I enjoy writing, and humor, and art, and photography. Nobody has been reading my other posts, and I was starting to feel like they weren’t any good.

Today I had two eggs and bacon, scant avocado (just wasn’t in the mood after all) and bacon. I had an Atkin’s approved for Induction bar first, and coffee. I will be more than fine until my lunchtime veggie fest. Speaking of which, I think today I am going to change up the usual salad, and make it somewhat more interesting.

Wish me luck!

The Mona Lisa of Breakfasts...


2 thoughts on “Hello Breakfast My Old Friend. Weight LOSS UPdate!

  1. Getting back down to my ‘marriage weight’ was a very important milestone for me last year. I always thought my wife deserved it, and that she ‘didn’t get more than she bargained for’, so to speak. Congrats.

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