Atkin’s Induction Phase, Day 25 : I GOT this!

It’s amazing how long it took me to find out what I was getting wrong, but I did! I was simply eating too much of the right things! My carb count was ok but I was overdoing it; eating even when not really hungry. So today my Ketosis is higher than ever – the stick is actually at ‘moderate’ and the scale is moving down! It is slight so far, but I figured it out. I also discovered that the Cheesecake Factory makes the best low- carb cheesecake ever! I think it’s very nice of them to accommodate low- carb, and I will be glad to support them by eating there again!
Tonight’s fare is rotisserie chicken with green beans and cauliflower . I will enjoy , but won’t have a lot more of the chicken just because I don’t have rice and rolls on my plate.


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