Induction day 21? And I relaxed!

Last night was my husband’s birthday, and I arranged a surprise for him at The  Cheesecake Factory. It was wonderful. I had the New Orleans shrimp with no rice. Delightful. Not much of a sauce to worry about but I decided not to care. I had the low carb cheesecake and 2 Michelob ultras. I had not had a sip of alcohol in a couple of months , and I broke the induction rule and had them anyway. Today, back to my routine, but I have decided to monitor my portion sizes because though I am burning fat a bit, I guess I am taking in too much for my body to burn its own stores. Why should it when there’s plenty coming in? I guess Atkins isn’t supposed to work that way, but what else can I conclude? So last night was a nice relief from my self induced restrictions but not a binge or out o control gorge by any means.


Don't Keep Your Silence!

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