Atkin’s Induction…Day 21

Well, now that I’ve officially been very strict with my carbs, been faithful to count, been actually measuring my salad dressing, I woke up this morning at 139 lbs, not the 136.7 I had ever so slowly reached. So, what gives? Well, my tightest clothes are still fitting better than ever now, I feel smaller. Why does the scale not reflect this? Is it all just still water? Have I not actually lost weight? I never see more than trace or small for fat loss on the Keto-stix. I can only figure now that I am not being active enough, but I have read on numerous occasions that exercise (formal), is not required to be successful on Atkin’s. I have done this lifestyle before with great success. I can only just keep on keeping on, but I can’t help but wonder what’s different this time. I am 43, not 56, or 63. I am not menopausal, I am not health-compromised, nor do I have big bones. I am actually a petite to medium build at 5 4″ and a skinny ring finger ring size of 6. So, I am not complaining about my pants fitting better and feeling better. That part truly is awesome. I just wonder why I can’t seem to get the scale to move. ANYONE with a similar story ?

I have become quite adept at creating great and varied omelets and salads. I have learned to make and eat meatloaf without breadcrumbs or ketchup. I have become the green bean’s biggest fan. I turn down carrots, pizza, even a single BITE of the goodies people stuff toward my face. ‘Just a bite won’t hurt!” I guzzle water, I skimp on Splenda and cream on my second cup of coffee. I am keeping my Atkins bar count down. So…I don’t know. Either exercise is needed or …less calories?? I have been dancing to “Electric City” and “Electric Avenue”, and I like throwing random bursts of dancing throughout my day. I feel it raises my metabolic rate. I refuse to give up!


5 thoughts on “Atkin’s Induction…Day 21

  1. I have been trying myself to get into Induction since January 15…It took until February 1st to manage to get in ketosis. I *think* it usually is a particular food that you need to remove from your diet – one that is thought of as low carb – that is preventing weight loss. I think these foods might vary at different times in your life – making something that worked once not work now, and making people thing low carb has ‘stopped working’.

    Some examples of food might be too much dairy, olives – even too many eggs – strange enough. Here’s a link that might be interesting:

    Then there’s goitrogens – foods like cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage that can possibly interfere with your thyroid – and maybe slow your metabolism? Here’s a link for that:

    There might be dozens of known and unknown issues like the above – and they effect every person differently, at different times in their lives.

    Try swapping a particular food out for – say a week – and see what happens. Me? I’m avoiding nut products of any kind, and keeping my dairy to less than 4 oz. / day.

    • I brainstormed on this and have concluded that the issue must be portion sizes. I’ve been going pretty heavy in the meats and cheeses. Eating more of protein dense, calorie rich foods thinking its ok because I’m not eating carbs- but I need to cut back on the size of dinner, mostly. I haven’t been eating nuts up til yesterday, so don’t know what else.

  2. That meatloaf sounds amazing. Meatloaf is one of my favorite foods and I’m loath to give it up. Can u direct me to a recipe?
    I am by no means an expert on low carb weight loss (on day 4 of low carbs), but I did lose 10lbs earlier this year through diet and exercise. I often found that I wasn’t eating enough while working out very hard and so I put on weight or my body refused to budge. I think variety does help, like changing up your meals into different foods a lot. I also think eating lighter at night helps as well. But most of all, dont be too hard on yourself. If you stay positive and congratulate yourself on your success so far, those pounds will move. Good luck!

  3. It seems simple, but I’ve found that taking advantage of the fact that you’re not very hungry often is huge, and I only eat when I’m hungry, whether breakfast or lunch time has passed or not. Your body will tell you when it needs food, and until then, just drink tea or water or coffee. Don’t second-guess your hunger. So, portion control and only eating when you’re actually hungry.

    • Joy Beth- you are absolutely correct. I have been thinking about and working this comment over the past couple of days. It’s one of those great truths you forget. I needed to remember this. Lately, I don’t even get so hungry, but eat by the clock at times. I don’t really have to anymore, so why do I? Old comfort habits, and to be with family, too. I can adapt my habits, though. Thank you for the response! I needed that!

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