Smashing! Underworld in 3D at IMAX! A Review and Rave

I became a fan of the Underworld series almost immediately. I had seen all three of them and was excited to see the fourth, in 3D, at the IMAX theater in downtown Portland. I enjoy the werewolf and vampire genres, and had also been a fan of the Van Helsig movies. Normally repulsed by violence and gore, however artificial it all is, I nevertheless really love the action and pace of these movies. I was unprepared for how much I would enjoy this fourth sequel, being leery of all sequels.

This is, by far, the most amazing 3D experience any movie has ever delivered! The technology used to produce the effects, combined with the IMAX screen, offers up realism and fun like no other movie I have experienced. That’s right, I said experienced.

The war begins with all-out annihilation of the vampires and Lycans…or does it? Selene and Michael plan their escape from the ‘cleansing’,  but…(spoiler alert) Selene wakes twelve years later out of cryo-sleep to find a much different reality waiting. Joining the cast are Theo James as a remaining vampire who comes to the aid of Selene, and India Eisley is the young hybrid…I will leave the rest to those of you who are looking forward to a really fun horror romp in a very well-made movie. Kate Beckinsale once again kicks serious ass, and the plot actually provides some suspense and nice surprises. You will FEEL glass  land in your lap due to the amazing 3D effects that IMAX helps deliver.

Underworld Awakening


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