Atkins induction day 18?!

For the past couple days I thought I’d really gotten things under control, definitely stayed within my 20 g., and definitely not getting a lot of calories , even。This morning I am back at 138. I have done this diet very well in the past. I seem resistant now. Yes, I did lose the water weight, but the fat doesn’t seem to be going- according to the scale . My ketostix still show small fat loss. What’s going on? Not enough calories causing my body to store as though starving? I’ve started getting headaches, whereas before I wasn’t, and am more thirsty. I am kind of bummed.




3 thoughts on “Atkins induction day 18?!

  1. Fine. Further tweaking must be required. No more than ONE bar per day, limiting the gum, even more greens. I am eating a lot of veggies now. I have not been having much in the way of snacks, haven’t been too hungry in between meals, but maybe I need that to keep the stove burning, so to speak. Try again tomorrow with the new approach. Meanwhile, I’ve been keeping to my salads and meat and cheese and veggies.

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