Lessons I’m learning, Days 15/16. Weight 136.5 ! Down from 140-142

lunch, the usual.

I began reading my Atkin’s book last night focusing on induction. My main goal was to see if I could find any reasons, any problems I may be creating for myself. I found a few.

Problem 1: Estimating carbs in my head and not getting a true count to go by through my days. (yes, I need to actually write it down!)

2. Not measuring – just guessing the amounts of 1/2 and 1/2, salad dressing, or veggies I am eating.

3) I don’t have Splenda packets, I have bulk Splenda. A real money saver, but I have no idea how much I am getting. I have started measuring one small literal teaspoon for my coffee instead of the little kitchen canister ‘scoop’.

4) Is a standard tablespoon measurement truly an ounce for two? Or is the ml count of 30, i.e., one ounce, more accurate?

My clothes do fit better, but I know now that some of that is the result of water loss. That’s ok, I like the unbloated feeling, but I wonder if I am sabotaging myself. I am at the end of my first two weeks, and I haven’t seen stellar results, but I have seen results.

Upon examining my morning routine , I see that I have already racked up seven g of carbs just with half and half and splenda, and my morning bar. Believe me when I tell you it is difficult for me, especially on my days off, to stop at 2 cups of coffee.  All the rest has to come from veggies. I hate veggies in the morning unless I am having an omelet. The idea of an omelet every morning is not a happy thought for me. I like to alternate between omelet, eggs and bacon, or a shake or a bar.  The only problem with that, I have discovered by reading, is that now, I am  technically confined to salads and pure meat for the rest of the day. I don’t even think I have room for ranch dressing now. That’s fine, I will use balsamic and olive oil. It has become very clear that the morning coffee is killing my plan! Ok, I will have five cups of salad greens for 2 net g of carb., easy. That still leaves 11 grams for incidental carbs (why did my salmon patties have 2 g of carb each, with a zero sugar gram count? Probably a cornstarch based coagulant to hold the ‘patty’ together) So , I can do this, but my eyes have been opened to the fact that probably on most days, I have been consuming closer to 25-26 grams as opposed to 20. 25 is not induction, it’s OWL. Sigh. My coffee…I will have to take it black for the 2nd cup! Aha! A plan!

Alright, I am going to stay on induction another week at least, having a plan to yet again tweak my routines. Also, I need to add a bit more activity. I work in retail, on my feet all day, running about, and it feels like a day long workout. However, my body is used to that workout, and it is not enough of a challenge. I have the Wii Zumba 2 , and that’s pretty fun. I will have to make it more of a priority to do this. I have a bad habit of not organizing my day with healthy routines like “Every other day I WILL do my Zumba at 10:00 and nothing will stop me!” Real life does stop us. I will just be kind to myself while still being disciplined.

Here we go, one more week. Remember, my aim is 125 lbs. I started at 140. After 2 weeks on induction, I am at 136-137.

Successes: Clothes fit better- much better. Tummy shrinking. Bloat gone. Carb craving eliminated. Eating much more vegetable matter. Feeling more energetic. Feeling a bit more    sexy. Yes, I said it!

Not so Successful: Not counting carbs, but estimating. Eating too much ‘free’ carb, or frankenfoods per-vegetable- ratio. The coffee habit. Not measuring portions- no idea if I am eating the equivalent of one Splenda packet or 4 when I use spoons, not packets. Chewing a lot of sugar-free nicotine gum with no idea if there are any carbs in it!! I have to research that right away.

Wish me luck, guys. Thanks for all the feedback and support and great reading you’ve been giving me.


7 thoughts on “Lessons I’m learning, Days 15/16. Weight 136.5 ! Down from 140-142

  1. Oh…follow up to the gum issue. I chew at least 10 pieces of the gum a day, and each piece has about one carb!! The answer just smacked me in the head. NOW WHAT??? I have been fooling myself all this time. I have to give up the gum?? I am totally addicted! I will have to give up half my daily allowance of carbs elsewhere. The coffee? Help!

  2. Can I give you this word of advice… don’t kill yourself over the gum! You’re still making much healthier food choices and I bet you anything you will hit your goal if you ignore the gum carbs. If you lose it too fast, it’s never permanent loss. I know this from years and years of yo-yo dieting. I finally took off 80 pounds last year, and I have a brand new philosophy. I am strict on myself Monday through Friday and the weekends, I relax a little. Not go overboard eat a whole cheesecake, but I will let myself enjoy popcorn with my kids watching movies! I was stuck, and relaxing a little got me unstuck. So don’t kill yourself over this gum issue, the gum is still a better choice than the cigarettes, so look for the silver lining there!

    • Blondie: Thank you very much for that. But, at least now I know why it is going more slowly than I thought it would. I think, though, with the price of that gum, too- that it is time to cut it down. I had been meaning to do that before I started on induction anyway. Besides, I had been off of cigarettes completely for a year before I ever picked up nicotine gum. Mood issues. So, I like your response very much, and I will relax a bit, but I can also cut down on the gum and even the coffee to an extent and those would be good things, anyway. I also like the weekends treat idea. You must be in lifelong maintenance?

      • Not yet, still losing, 60 to go… but now I don’t really count so closely, I have just made some really basic set-in-stone lifestyle changes. I avoid bread like the plague! Now that I am so used to it I don’t feel like its a diet anymore…. it’s just my way of living. By April 9th I plan to be at my goal (my birthday) so wish me luck! 🙂

  3. P.S. I usually really like my salads. Today’s- with the small amount of cheese, and the balsamic/oil, was really boring. I am not satisfied, really. This bored me. Not enough fat content. I need a snack of some sort.

  4. I am up to 18 grams of carbs now, with only 2 left to use. It’s gonna be hard figuring out what to eat for dinner. It has to be a 2 carb meal. Any ideas?? ( Pure meat and water with 1/4 cup of green beans??)

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