Atkin’s Induction Day 9 dawns.

I told myself I wouldn’t do it. I told this blog I wouldn’t do it, but I did! No, I did not get up in the middle of the night and inhale a box of Oreos. I weighed myself. No change. I haven’t gained, I haven’t lost. Well, I take that back. I am still about two pounds lighter than I was when I started this, but I guess I had envisioned this magical eight or ten pound loss by now. Again, I think I just need to wait, keep at it, and tighten down the screws. I am just getting so tired of salad, green beans, and meat. I am still not tired of eggs and bacon, but I am getting there. I keep stressing over the possible Splenda carbs or that I may have had too much coffee/diet pop, but really – otherwise, I think I am being strict with myself and faithful to the plan.

I am still waiting for my Atkin’s book to arrive. Maybe today will be the day. I am not looking forward to more salad right now. I had a daybreak bar. I am neither hungry nor thirsty right now, and I am actually just feeling really sleepy. I will check in later, after my day. Meanwhile I need to figure out something a little more interesting to eat that still fits into the induction plan of doing things.  Anyone have a good low-carb recipe site?


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