Day 8 of Atkin’s Induction, and other things.

So, I got up, on this day 8 of Atkin’s, which also happened to be day ONE of some other (monthly) event, and I wondered if maybe I was hemorrhaging slightly. This was an epic start to the day. Never seen so much red in all my life. Is this a side effect of extra protein and iron? OK, I don’t mean to disgust anyone, and I do apologize. That’s just how it was. So into the shower because I had no more snow as an excuse to stay home. The power went off while I was in the shower. I inserted my contacts by candle light, and I am quite sure my makeup looked absolutely stellar. Sheets and mattress pads cannot be washed without power, either. (Ever since I tossed out the old washboard, anyway)

I have heard that ketosis makes your breath ‘fruity.’ It was more like the smell of leftover upchuck. That was after I brushed my teeth, tongue, gums, roof of my mouth and as much tonsil as I could bear. You’ve got to be kidding me! So, the usual coffee, an Atkin’s shake, and good to go. I think the Godzilla breath was under control- although later that morning a coworker went out of his way to just give me gum. What a random act of kindness that was…

Work went well. I felt great all morning long. At break, I had a small amount of mixed nuts and a sugar free energy drink. I was hoping this would not ‘stall’ my progress, but I am not really sure yet. Then, I was satisfied until lunch time. I had a spinach and bell pepper salad with roast beef and cheese on top, with jalapeno ranch. If you haven’t tried that yet, it is absolutely delightful dressing! And it made the ‘usual salad with ranch’ a whole lot more exciting.

On my next break, I had an induction-approved bar, and it was yummy. I decided I must have real whipped cream and sugar free jello in the house, so I bought that, along with some whipped cream cheese. I ate a few spoons of that after I arrived home, in between adding it to my egg and veggie scramble dinner. There was no challenge tonight to please the palates and tastes of myself and/or everyone. I was the only one home.

As much as I have explained how Atkin’s works to my sweetie, he doesn’t understand that I can’t have a PINCH of sugar or SMIDGE of flour right now. A” Chocolate Rocket” is not OK.  Breaded buffalo wings- no. Spaghetti meat sauce- NAY! They all have sugar in them in some way, shape or form, and I realized how much I have learned about foods at their most basic level, and I am proud of that. I know , more and more inherently, what foods are made up of, and which foods may seem OK but just don’t work for Atkins induction.  “A carrot is a vegetable. Why can’t you have that?” It has sugars in it. “But it can’t be much, I mean- c’mon” Sorry, too much. “Well, I see you eat tomatoes, and those are actually fruits!” Yep. I know. But not too many of these, either. Carrots have more. “Oh. Well, OK . I don’t get it.” I know. And I also know that really- red bell pepper is probably NOT OK, but I have eaten it on my salads, sometimes in lieu of tomatoes, because I dearly love them, and I wonder if these little slips are going to ruin this.

So, after dinner, I did have that sugar free jello and whipped cream. I COULD taste the small amount of sugar in that whip cream, though. I wondered how that was OK but more than 2 cups of coffee with cream and Splenda might not be as OK. Sometimes I still get confused.

I am now holding off on weighing myself. This is the wrong week for that . The journey continues!


2 thoughts on “Day 8 of Atkin’s Induction, and other things.

  1. It’s funny how we become accustomed to the Atkins lifestyle and.have to explain the rules to other people. I wonder how much these little slip ups hurt our progress as well. I had a tiny hit of marinara sauce with spaghetti squash. I don’t think either are aloud in induction, but it wasn’t too many carbs.

  2. Yes, definitely! I like thinking that if it was an accidental slip, it won’t count against me! Ha ha! I don’t think chemistry is subject to intentions. Nevertheless, I also wonder if I am counting everything correctly, etc. What do you know about keto-stix testing? Should I do that first thing in the morning?

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