Why the Presidential Race Bores Me Silly

1) I guess I have lost my belief that one person can make a great contribution to our collective goals as a country when he/she is continually bombarded by resistance from those in his own ranks.

2) I am annoyed with the general public which shoot down every president at every turn for anything that goes wrong in the entire country, whether it was truly the president’s ‘fault’ or not, and who actually entertain the newest cheesy, bobble-headed, smarmy candidates who will be hated within two years of their election as well, once the fickle voters elect them.

3) I am confounded by the notion that people actually believe that we can achieve huge and dramatic changes to a series of systems within the U.S. that have been established for decades within a couple of years. In other words, we don’t really give our new presidents much of a chance to prove themselves. Most of us can’t even accomplish our personal one-year goals in two or three.

4) We misunderstand the power structures and systems by which ‘things are done’, and take too seriously the illusions that we choose to believe about our government. There’s the reality we wish existed, and the one which truly does. We expect a president to fix all our problems. What have we done at the local and personal level to fix them ourselves?

5) It has been said that anyone fit to be president would never take the job. I think about that a lot . I believe that many of our presidents truly have had the country’s best interest at heart. Many have many wonderful and lasting contributions to America.

But let’s always remember that no matter how good a leader is ,he is only as good as those under his command. Ask yourself- who truly runs the country?


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