Malitol/mannitol warnings and Info! Low Carb treats that are not worth it!

Low-carb treats that use mallitol and or mannitol are usually cheaper than ones using Splenda. However, these sweeteners can have very adverse affects on your immediate digestive system if you are sensitive to them. I tried many great sounding low-carb treats the first time I did Atkins and entered phase 2. I was very excited about being able to eat chocolate again and not have to pay the price. However, I did pay a price, in a very painful and increasingly disgusting way. The first time I tried a malitol or manitol sweetened product, I had minor intestinal discomfort and the resulting need to excuse myself from any given room- over and over. Ok, I thought it was a fluke. I tried it again. I didn’t always have these results, so I kept experimenting with various treats sweetened with these two awful sugar substitutes. My body began to become more and more intolerant of these products until I could not even have one piece of candy sweetened with these ingredients without experiencing excruciating abdominal pain, cramps, and horrible bloating. I finally learned my lesson, and just wanted to warn those who are ready for phase 2 treats. These days, Atkin’s makes a lot of Endulge treats, and there are many splenda (sucralose) sweetened products- which, in moderation, pose no problems to me. Now, though, I always read the labels on that Russel Stover sugar-free candy, etc. They use a LOT of the artificial sweeteners, and so, go ever so lightly on all of them until you know how your system will respond. Take care!


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