Day 7:Atkins Induction

Well, I think this is day seven. To be honest, I am really not entirely sure when day one really started, so this is an estimate. We are really snowed in today- no way to move our cars out of the long driveway and the much longer sub-drive and then gravel road with a ditch on one side and a steep drop on the other. I do have a Subaru, but it just can’t plow through the weight of this snow to let me out. So, no work today- and no grocery shopping, Sadly, I just ate my last egg. But back to the beginning . Yesterday felt great. I was sure I had really kept my carbs under control and stuck to my plan. I didn’t have an after dinner ‘allowable’ treat. However, this morning I was ready for sustenance! So I chugged my Atkins shake and before I could even stop myself I had eaten over 1/2 a bar, to boot. But, I figured, that will be it for the day. I am ok. The scale has nudged down a bit, but still I am at 139. Then the monthly cycle showed up this morning (not to be crude, sorry) but that made me feel a little better, because I know I tend to gain 3-4 pounds at this time, and the fact that I am actually a bit down in weight could translate to nearly a 5 lb loss once this week is over. This is also the beginning of my second week, though- a time when I am really going to be ready to see some big results. I can only hope that after this week I will just drop pounds almost instantly. Funny thing- I ‘ve actually had this happen to me before.

The kids are thrilled to be here another day- school has been cancelled. I get yet another day off of work, which is great for blogging but which does nothing positive for the bank account. Luckily, last week was almost 40 hours, so I feel alright about it. So anyway- at 11:00 a.m this morning- mere minutes ago, I decided that I really could NOT hold out til lunch and my big,fat plate of greens again. I made my last egg by cracking it in with my cooking bacon, and completely basting the egg in the bacon grease. It was a complete fatty festival of greasy goodness! Shudder, ye fat-o-phobes, but I walk without fear. As I type this from the laptop, I can feel the sides of my spare tire hitting my forearms and it makes me angry. I am angry at this fat roll resting on my hips, and I am So ready to say goodbye to it. C’mon, low carb rescue! I’ve had my 2 cups of coffee with splenda and cream, so that’s about 6 carbs right there. Ok, the shake was 2, the partially consumed bar another 2- up to ten already. Hmmn, going to need to cut my coffee down to one, I haven’t had any veggies yet and I am already up  to ten. Sheesh. Ok, lunch will be grilled chicken and mixed approved veggies, dinner will be spinich salad and maybe salmon. I still need to get a better handle on the discretionary carb amount. I have not been controlling those enough, and that could be the reason for the slow loss. Because I also chew sugar free nicotine gum, which lists 0 for carbs, (but I wonder) I feel as though maybe the coffee is too much. I use a MUG, not a cup, ya’ll, so time to cut back. So, that’s the scoop so far on day 7. I am a bit impatient, but think I have my own answers to the problem.


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