What I Love

I love my kids! I will never stop believing in all they are and what they can be. I love my husband. He amazes me daily with his thoughtfulness, generosity, easy-going nature, complete lack of judgmental attitude, and very loving heart. He is also fun to be around, and always makes me feel loved and important. I only hope I can be half as much to him as he is to me.

I love where I live. I love that we have this huge chunk of gorgeous Oregon, overlooking the river. I love how we get snow when others get rain. I love the privacy and quiet here, and I love that my husband is a bigger neat freak than I am. I have died and gone to Heaven- must be.

I love that the people I work with are all pretty cool, caring people who have professionalism combined with a sense of humor. Refreshing and very welcomed. They take their work seriously, but for the most part, not themselves.

I love that I have an opportunity to maybe, just maybe, get to do voice over work soon! I can’t wait! What a dream! I love that I have many people in my life who keep believing in me and my dreams.

I love my mom and my mother -in- law. They both are amazing women who I continually learn from and laugh with.

I love our pets, and the way they make everything seem normal, and cozy, and familiar. I love their unconditional love.

I love sunshine, flowers, and spending a day at a lakeside, where’s there’s no wind, just swimming and sunning. I love the feel of fresh, fluffy snow under my boots, and the clean white of it all. I love working toward a goal and knowing I am making progress. I love giving to others- even random strangers, hoping that somehow I have made one person’s life a little brighter. I love the peace and quiet of an afternoon nap on this huge bed we have, and waking up to see the sunset out the window, behind the ficus tree that I also love.

I love my daughter’s drive and enthusiasm, my stepkids sweet innocence and happiness, and the way the have always made me feel accepted. I love the smell of coffee in the morning, especially if I didn’t have to make it that day. 🙂

I love Kielly so much, for giving me this life- these opportunities, this great happiness. I never forget what he does for me, and who he is to me. I love you!


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