Snow Daze!

Well, today starts out sans electricity. Seems the snow broke some tree branches which then broke a power line . That was fixed by 1:30, but coffee was made on the camp stove, and the family had cereal while I enjoyed an Atkins shake. I finally traipsed out into our foot of snow. It wasn’t too cold, and the snow was lovely, light, and deep. I had no promises to keep, and it was hours til time to sleep… Ahem. Anyway, I also had an Atkins bar after my spinach, red bell pepper, roast beef salad, sprinkled with cheese an drizzled in ranch. Later, I had a piece of string cheese. I’ve had one Splenda sweetened Pepsi and one cup of coffee. I also noticed I was at 138.8 this morning Instead of 140 or 139, so we’re moving in the right direction. The kids are being tugged around he snow bowl by their dad. They are tandem on a plastic sled and heir dad is driving The ATV. Almost too deep to work, and more snow keeps falling!  Today I have been hungrier. Think my calories are not up to a good level yet. I need to buy cream cheese today. I need to figure out something to eat!

I then survived until dinner. I had franks and a cheeseburger over salad. I included plenty of mayo. I don’t think I am going to want or need any extra carbs tonight in the form of a Breyer’s bar, etc. I am good and full. I am pretty sure I came in at around 15 g carbs today.  My craving for sugars is non existent, but until dinner, I was really hungry because I didn’t have much in the way of calories. I made up for that tonight, but know that I don’t need to be worried.

I wonder if anyone will ever discover my blog and read it. I found this blog site through a search of Atkins forums…or did I? How DID I find this blog site? How can I get readers? (be interesting?!?)



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