Extolling Virtues- not in the mood…

I used to like writing ‘deep’ and ‘profound’ things, wanting to show my substance as a person. Everything I wrote was like a botched and poor cliche`d book of quotes, with erroneous punctuation. Everyone has already heard it. “Make your life count every day”. Really? “Happiness is a choice”. Yeah. “The end is never justified by the means, but by the means we may hope to be at peace with our end”. That one was actually pretty good…hmmmn.

Anyway, I want to write funny things, marketing ads, scripts for voice overs that I want to be the narrator of. I want to inspire, but not by trying to be inspiring. Somehow that seems to elude me.

I want to rejoice over the successes of others, while not discounting the successes of my own. A happy family, good health, another day with a fresh new beginning that says to me NOW is the time. You can be anything and anyone you want to today. Right now you can make a choice that will change your whole life. “Make your life count today”. 🙂 I just had to throw that in.


Don't Keep Your Silence!

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